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Rolf M. Engel

AECOM Founder
Creative Director & Project Consultant
Rolf M. Engel is the founder of AECOM, the CEO of Clear Fog and the co-founder of Atelier Markgraph (

Founded in Frankfurt in 1986, Atelier Markgraph became the first German firm to specialize in what was then called event design and production, which soon attracted many of the largest firms in Germany such as Mercedes Benz, Messe Frankfurt and Deutsche Bank. Under Engel’s creative direction Atelier Markgraph’s productions became famous for their integration of the performing arts into what the advertising world calls “3D or interdisciplinary communications.” Engel’s prize winning work with Atelier Markgraph set the standard for the state of the art brand and theme communications. In the past decade alone, Atelier Markgraph has been awarded with 109 national and international awards for their creative work and designs. The firm has so far conceived and executed over 600 events, exhibitions, and stage shows in over 50 countries worldwide.

Engel has not only worked with large international brands; he also has a more artistic side which is now being expressed through his event lab called Clear Fog – Ambient Communications. For many years now, renowned artists such as Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and André Heller have relied on his skills in staging and design for their worldwide performances and installation needs.

Some of the highlights of Engel’s work of this type include managing the complicated planning and staging that enabled Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to perform “The Wall” following Germany’s unification in Berlin. This gigantic spectacle required one of the largest stage sets ever assembled, bringing over two thousand people onto the stage and was seen by an live audience of over 300.000.

Engel designed the stage set for Peter Gabriel’s Secret World tour and directed the show’s production, as well as working with famed Austrian producer André Heller on his project AFRIKA, AFRIKA, which introduced African circus artists to a fascinated European audiences. And he was the Creative Director, stage and production designer for Hellers latest work „Magnifico“. A circus show which was performed by over 60 international artists and 30 special horses and their riders.

Engel designed and managed the artistic production for the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany, handling a thirty minute show with 1.400 artists and a backstage crew of 400 persons seen by billions of people all around the globe.

Rolf M. Engel currently lives and works in Germany and Malaysia.